Our biltong is hand-made in small batches, using premium Australian Wagyu Beef.

Expertly cured with fresh herbs & traditional spices, air-dried for 5 days, then perfectly cut & sealed.

We use a traditional blend of herbs & spices to make sure it tastes exactly how it should.

Our biltong recipe is specially prepared for us by one of the company directors, Craig Skead who originates from South Africa. Craig grew up in the Natal/East Griqualand area and learnt his recipes from the local butchers in the area over 40 years.

We use the silverside part of the animal to make our Wagyu biltong. This ensures that we have beautiful long cuts of meat that are then meticulously handled so that you get the very best biltong available.

This product benefits from the extra marbling qualities of the Wagyu breed which add to the overall flavour.

Wagyu Beef Biltong Sticks


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