The All-in-One Pre and Post Shaving System for men & women – 50ml


The Alitura Shaving Serum is crafted with intent, integrity and the most divine, pristine ingredients – it truly belongs in a class of its own. Made with 95% organic ingredients, we wanted to create the perfect product that prepares your skin for the perfect shave without stripping its surface and introducing toxic chemicals. Our unique formula combines Marine Collagen, Organic Australian Sandalwood and CoQ-10 to heal and regenerate your skin at a cellular level. The ultra premium blend of the finest quality essential oils sourced from all around the world prepare the skin’s surface for an incredibly smooth, consistent shave, while rejuvenating the skin and providing the perfect post-shave moisturizer. Application of this regenerating serum alone can restore bacterial balance to the surface of the skin. It helps to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, resolve inflammation, and neutralize free radicals that damage the skin – for a delightful, silky-smooth and polished shave.

The Alitura Shaving Serum


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