Learn how to Eat ✅, Sleep 😎 and Conquer Stress 💪
3 Month Coaching Packages

Learn how to eat what's right for you, fix your sleep and conquer stress. I take a non-dogmatic approach to your nutrition planning based on your genetic heritage, current and past nutritional states, mistakes and successes.

Learn to Live your Greatest Life in a Body you Love - I Coach in 3 month packages How to Eat, Sleep and Conquer Stress- No Diets, No Food Beliefs- Just working together, using my 28 years of experience from the Special Forces , International Bodybuilding, Personal Training and Exercise Rehab Physiology to get you back to normal and then even above!!


There is no “online diet plan”, everyone is unique therefore each person will need individualised coaching. ‘You are what you eat' is the popular term but you are in actual fact, what you digest and absorb. Your body is a side effect of your health,be it good or bad, and my intention is to not just help you regain health but actually feel, look and be healthy.


The 3 month packages teach you how to repair and optimise your body and improve your environment. This includes, but is not limited to; nutrition, sleeping pattern assessment, stress management and supplementation. We use a variety of data, from working with your GP, DNA testing, food sensitivity testing, and even microbiome and hormonal testing- the level and depth of analysis is up to you.


Teaching an evidence based analysis of how food affects your body and the results it can give you, forms the foundation of your consultation and personalised lifestyle eating plan.

I will coach and guide you every week on how to achieve your Body and Health goals. I have a no ‘fluff’ approach to nutrition, meaning I’m here to simply teach what works for you- as an individual-, not to push any nutritional philosophies or any super fast , unsustainable water and weight loss scams.


To plan exactly what you individually need, now and after our journey together, I take all the above listed and work through it all with you over the 3 months. 
I will teach you  how to achieve your goals. It is accomplished through teaching you how to optimise yourself long term- safely and sustainably

There are 3 options for Nutrition Coaching/ BioHacking/Lifestyle & Stress Management. Consulting is worldwide or in person.


  • 3 Months Coaching

  • Initial Consult, (2 hour minimum), Weekly coaching calls.

  • Nutrition Package-

    • 60 Day Supply Human Identical Ketones

    • 8 week supply Absorbable Vitamin/Mineral Formula- Nutreince

  • Sleep Package

    • Blue light blocking glasses

    • Sleep mask

    • Special Forces Sleep Formula

  • StressBuster Package- Special Forces Techniques and MindPower

  • $1250AUD Per Person or $2000AUD for 2 persons


3 months to learn to Eat, Sleep and Conquer Stress and achieve Optimal Performance


  • 3 Months Coaching

  • Initial Consult, (2 hour minimum), Weekly coaching calls

  • $500AUD Per Person or $900 for 2 persons

BASIC Package- One off consult

  • Initial Consult, (2 hour minimum),

  • $300AUD Per Person

The BASIC Package is the initial consultation -but for the more advanced. It is for those clients that just need a tweak or appraisal of their current healthy practices and those that already have a good and current understanding of their nutrition and biology.

Upgrade your knowledge and learn how to apply this to achieve your own individual goals and situations.
Includes a Starter Pack, which includes over 400 recipes, powerful documentaries to assist your journey, all on a USB loaded with helpful movies, interviews, workouts and expert presentations.

All services provided come with a 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee

Don't wait any longer, email me now to take that first step for better nutrition, movement and health.



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