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No Nonsense Self Defence has successfully taught local government departments, groups and individuals reality based self defense skills over the past decade. The 8 years Damian Porter spent in the Military and Special Forces in New Zealand, and 2 years as a Police Officer in Perth, has equipped him with the knowledge and practical hands on skills to successfully teach others.

We run courses in civilian self defence catering for novices through to those with vast experience. The Basic,Intermediate and Advanced programmes we offer can be run individually over 4 hours or booked as a complete package.

A brief outline of the BASIC Self Protection Course is outlined below- 

Time: 4 hrs At the end of this course you will know how to protect yourself by employing Military Unarmed Combat skills to disable a determined attacker. This will eliminate their ability to be an imminent threat. Your size and fitness is irrelevant-combat skills however are not.

If you want to learn Fun, Reality Self Defence & Personal Urban Survival Skills from former Special Forces Operators, now you can. No Sport-No Fitness, No Martial Arts- just what MUST work when you need it the most.

Self Protection front, side rear.
Ground recovery and initiating the attack from the ground.
Short range attacks with kicks and strikes.
Anti-sexual assault
Vehicle clearance and entry, home invasion strategies and

Tactical situational awareness.
Short range continuation (attacking the attacker).
Moving off the line of attack.
Escape from ground mounts-on back and face down.

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Background to No Nonsense Self Defence -

CQB is a military fighting system has been developed from the close combat practices in ancient civilisations including the Ancient Greeks, Celts and Egyptians, and the skills have evolved over the last 6000 years.
The Todd Group are the custodians of the doctrine of CQB within New Zealand. Geoff Todd has travelled extensively and immersed himself within a culture of close combat fighting styles in order to develop a fighting system that is specific to situations of hand to hand combat. 

Psychological conditioning is an essential accompaniment to the physical skills that are taught because without the determination and confidence to initiate the physical skills and the inner resolve to complete the task, techniques are of little value in a true combat situation.

The Todd Group endorses an appreciation of all emotion so that it can be used effectively towards neutralising the enemy threat as quickly as possible. Fear is a natural emotion, and the physical symptoms of fear can be eliminated from your consciousness by slowing and controlling your breathing to reduce the heart rate. Fear must be eliminated immediately by focusing on an enemy’s weaknesses, not his strengths. The next stage is to continuously say to yourself that you will win and cannot be beaten. This is coupled with the visual perception of the enemy’s weakness and the mental conviction that you must and will win, and cannot be beaten. Geoff Todd deplores the word ‘survivor’ and he states in the manual of CQB that the word survivor is a patronising way to describe a victim. You have not been killed but you have been defeated, and he suggests that perhaps it was this defeatist attitude that lead you into the unfortunate situation for which you are described a ‘survivor’ and not a ‘winner’.
The term defensive does not exist in CQB. It is either offensive or counter offensive. The fighting system teaches that in true combat there is no such thing as defence; you attack the weapon, the arm holding the weapon, major vitals, or a combination of all in order to preserve your own life. This is not a fighting sport.

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