Learn how to Eat ✅, Sleep 😎 and Conquer Stress 💪
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Learn to Live your Greatest Life in a Body you Love - I Coach in 3 month packages How to Eat, Sleep and Conquer Stress- No Diets, No Food Beliefs- Just working together, using my 28 years of experience from the Special Forces , International Bodybuilding, Personal Training and Exercise Rehab Physiology to get you back to normal, fix your sleep and conquer stress and learn to eat the right foods for you.


There is no “online diet plan”, everyone is unique therefore each person will need individualised coaching. Your body is a side effect of your health, be it good or bad, and my intention is to show you how to "Live Your Greatest Life in the Body You Love."


The 3 month packages teach you how to repair and optimise your body and improve your environment. This includes, but is not limited to; nutrition, sleeping pattern assessment, stress management and supplementation. We use a variety of data, from working with your GP, DNA testing, food sensitivity testing, and even microbiome and hormonal testing- the level and depth of analysis is up to you.

I will coach and guide you each week on how to Live Your Greatest Life in the Body You Love.. I have a no ‘bull’ approach to nutrition, meaning I’m here to simply work TOGETHER with you- as an individual-, not to push any nutritional philosophies or any super fast , unsustainable water and weight loss scams or pills and potions.

Working with me- you will learn how to achieve your goals. It is accomplished through teaching you how to optimise yourself long term- safely and sustainably

Upgrade your knowledge and learn how to apply this to achieve your own individual goals and situations.
Includes a Starter Pack, which includes over 400 recipes, powerful documentaries to assist your journey, all on a USB loaded with helpful movies, interviews, workouts and expert presentations.

All services provided come with a 100% money back, satisfaction guarantee

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Lauren- Australia

"I haven't slept well for as long as I can remember. Having 2 little girls amplified the lack of sleep. My stress levels became out of wack - my fight or flight response triggered several times throughout the day. I was exhausted and found it hard to cope.�🚑
🤔I became scared of sleep and developed anxieties around it. I also wasn't sure if I was eating the right nutrition for my body, to support what it needed during these times, my digestive system wasn't functioning properly; and I was unsure where to find the information I needed or where I to start.
✅I was referred to Damian by my sister in law. He was great. I highly recommend him. He helped me as an individual, based on my body and specific needs and was able to put it all together for me, reassure and guide me, which relieved my anxieties. �He is straight forward, to the point, gave me the information and resources I needed, broke it all down for me with a physical and scientific approach, so that I could understand what my body was doing and what I needed to do to get it functioning properly once again.

💪And with his continued support over the 12 weeks that I worked with him, anything that came up, he was able to guide me once again. He is very supportive, encouraging and full of knowledge and resources.
😍Thanks to Damian I am now sleeping. I am no longer scared of it. I having a better understanding of nutrition and what my body needs, I have energy, less stress and am coping so much better. Damian, I can't thank you or recommend you enough!"

Kristy- Australia

 Noreen- Perth

 James- New Zealand

 Katy- Perth

 Bernie- Canada

Damian Porter





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