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My name is Damian Porter and I have been in the health and wellness space professionally for over 28 years. Before I meet with you in person,  or video link worldwide, I would like to share a bit of a background on myself;


I am a career Firefighter, A Champion Natural Bodybuilder and Exercise Rehab Physiologist, and was one of the 1st Personal Trainers in the world. I’m also a former Special Forces Operator and Police Officer with many year's experience in both Military and Civilian applications.

My Passion is Coaching you to Live your Greatest Life in a Body you Love - I Coach Clients in specialised packages How to Eat, Sleep and Conquer Stress- No Diets, No Food Beliefs- Just working together, using my 30 years of experience from the Special Forces, International Bodybuilding, Personal Training and Exercise Rehab Physiology to get you back to normal and then even above!! Please see the Testimonials page to hear from clients experiences.


So why/how does this apply to my clients? With over 28 years experience in health and fitness and 32 years of exercise knowledge. I have seen and done it all. I am able to teach from a very practical as well as a highly educated non-gym background, which many people are not exposed to anymore. I have applied everything I teach to others into my own lifestyle in all the aspects of natural nutrition, natural exercise and lifestyle optimisation. Meaning that I have "Been there and done that" and I do not "preach" from an ivory tower- or from a year-long course in a fitness institution.

In fact many years ago in 1993, I became one of the first commercial personal trainers at Les Mills NZ, and then progressed on to become a CHEK Practitioner (Corrective and High Performance Exercise Kinesiologist) in 2002. This progression to Clinical Exercise Rehabilitation allowed me to help many clients recover from a diverse range of injuries. My speciality was functional rehabilitation; back, knee, and lower limb, with both prescribed exercise and hands on treatment. My Clients come from all walks of life, ranging from All Black Rugby players, Royal New Zealand ballerinas, Mums and Mums to be, to Weekend Athletes, Clinicians and even  Bodybuilding, Fitness competitors and Athletes.

From complete beginners to advanced, sporting professionals, dancers and people of all shapes, sizes and ages that want to regain a healthier body, mind and also the ability to be more resilient to the pressures modern life brings. I have had the pleasure to teach and successfully train them all.  If you want optimal body, health and performance I can  teach you too if you are ready to take the next step and get started.

E-mail me now to see how I can help you.

Damian Porter




ABN # Damian Porter: 63651107559,

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